Let’s play catch up…

Eeeek. So time flies when it’s summer with two baby boys to chase around! I’ve got to get a little more organized if I want to keep up with a Project 52 and actually do it weekly as opposed to ginormous picture shares.

Here are weeks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Whew.

Week 4: black and white

black and white

Week 5: motion (and not the greatest in terms of technical skill, but as a mom, one of my all-time faves)


Week 6: Sunshine (taken with iPhone 4s)


Week 7: Find the Frame

Find the Frame

Week 8: Everyday Moment

everyday moment

Week 9: Water (Oh, how I wish his face was tack sharp. He said, “Stop takin’ pictures!” Of course, his face says it all!)



I have dreaded writing about this, because putting things in writing make them seem all the more real. My trusty D3100 is not so trusty. 😦 When I started Shooting 101 with CM, I had barely played with “manual mode” on my camera. Come to find out there was a WHOLE LOT I’ve been missing out on. And also, come to find out, my camera FAILS in manual mode. The command dial on the D3100 is what you use to adjust shutter speed and aperture, and guess what DOESN’T work on my camera…the command dial. I’ve Googled, YouTubed, read forums, the entire manual cover to cover and back again, and found no solutions. I even took out the battery, reset to factory settings, checked the memory card, contacted Nikon support (not much “support, btw), and prayed to the camera gods that it would miraculously heal. Nothing worked. I was sincerely hoping it was just “user error,” and that I would take it to my trusty local camera shop and be told, “Silly girl, you just need to press this button,” and it would work.

Last weekend, I finally made it to my trusty local camera shop only to watch the employee do everything I had already done and suggest Googling the problem. FAIL. Diagnosis: my command dial was dead. Prescription: Send in to be (possibly) fixed for a whopping minimum of $260 (AND it would take 8-10 WEEKS). I walked out of my trusty local camera shop bummed, and considering my options…fix failed camera or move on up to something bigger and better?

If only both options were free….still no decision made, and I have some time to think on it. My birthday is coming soon, and by then I will have made a decision, and (hopefully) either a purchase or repair will be in order.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Okay, so my intention in starting this blog was NOT to praise products or run ads for companies, but I REALLY could use an “upgrade” in my equipment….as much as I LOVE my Nikon D3100, a new full frame camera wouldn’t hurt anything. So in an effort to increase my chances of winning a fancy, schmancy new camera, I’m writing this blog entry. SnapKnot (a pretty cool site that I wish was around when I was picking my wedding photographer) is giving away a Nikon D800 OR a Cannon 5D Mark III. Drooling, yet? (P.S. those things are pricey!) Anywho, I entered a week or so ago, shared with all forms of social media, and now I’m talking about it here….here’s hoping those extra entries help me out! I’d LOVE the new gear!

Big thanks to the SnapKnot wedding photography directory for offering this great camera giveaway!

And so it begins….

I have long talked about becoming a photographer–not out loud so much as to intimate friends, family, Jesus, and journals. I even have a security question for my bank account– “What is your dream job?” and the answer is “photographer.” (Totally just gave ya’ll access to my money!)

Well, today marks the beginning of just that. I have decided to become a photographer. Yep, mark it down. 05.28.13. I’m going to be a photographer. (If only it were that easy!) Really, I’ve been taking pictures for YEARS. (Not wanting to reveal my age, but for at least 23.) I can remember my first camera–a beautiful pink and purple thing that used FILM and had a cool strap that I could wrap around my wrist or put over my head and wear the camera around my neck. I’m pretty sure I took more pictures at summer camp and vacations than any other kid my age. In high school, my friends relied on me to print “doubles” and give them copies. I was on the yearbook staff and loved being responsible for taking candid shots of classmates.

In college I enrolled in a photography class as an elective, and I LOVED the time spent in the dark room developing photos. It was so cool to SEE an image appear gradually on the photo paper. After college, I got a job teaching yearbook and purchased my FIRST DIGITAL SLR (Canon Rebel Ti) camera and was given a fancy zoom lens. I loved playing with aperture mode and adjusting ISO to capture sports shots, but I really didn’t (and still don’t) understand all the rules of composition, exposure triangle (WTH?), bokeh, and a million other things. I just knew I loved taking pictures. I loved capturing life as it happened.

A marriage and two kids later, and I’m back to learning the ins and outs of my trusty DSLR–this time a Nikon D3100. I want to capture the everyday experiences with my babies and man, and in all honesty, I’d love the opportunity to capture the same images for others. I joined ClickinMoms in April of 2013, enrolled as a Study Along (Full Participation costs a little more than this teacher-librarian can afford!) in The Best Darn Beginner’s Course Ever, and am falling in love with my prime lens (50mm 1.8g). In my dreams, I’m doing Story Sessions in friends’ homes or capturing the birth of a baby. I know it’s a bit of a lofty goal at this point, but I decided I’m going to be a photographer today. 🙂  I’m going to use this blog as a sort of “journal of my journey” in photography….care to join?